roma – before the drive to napoli

it came, and within blinks it was over. from milano to roma to napoli to basilicata back to napoli and to miami…and things just ended entirely too soon. i smiled, laughed, and sometimes cried, but it was all, as always, well worth the while. enjoy. giving you a piece of me.

always just say no…

but if you do, might as well in pastel polished style.

the national hotel.

interpol concert @ the jackie gleason.

south beach – where else. the south side, in front of nikki beach.

see that miami water…utter bliss baby.

benihana’s on miracle mile

i know – looking like, “where’s waldo?” – but i love it…time was of the essence and it was not all just play, but taking care of business – hence the limited availability of full blown tourist guide pics. still, wish i could have made it downtown (not just driving through) to the design district, dined in brickell, and escaped to the keys. but hey, there’s only so much one can do in like 15 days, especially when family comes first.

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