when i was around nine or so, i think i must have watched The Little Mermaid 20-something times upon receiving it for christmas, until i learned every single word. (but i digress, please excuse) i became obsessed with the ocean, the mermaid gig and under the sea. so now, i am surprised to know that there is actually a restaurant and hotel under the sea – about 16 feet below sea level – the exclusive Ithaa restaurant of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel, which is set on two private islands. there are 50 luxurious water villas, 79 exotic beaches and 21 spa water villas with private treatment rooms.

as for the restaurant – yes there’s fish tanks and such, but to actually sit in a fish tank – well, that just steps it up, or shall i say down a few levels. i’m blown away and this place is on the list.

oh and you can probably guess – reservations must be made about two weeks prior to one’s arrival.

really?? i can sleep under the sea!

these would be the ‘land’ options.

ahhh the luxury of time to get away. the luxury of life. i think i will dream of dining under the sea.

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