have you had a shoe orgasm before? everything shoots up – the blood in you is rushed – you can’t think, everything around you goes quiet and you have one focus, and one only – the shoe at hand. when i saw these, i had a shoe orgasm. what’s even more fundamentally obsessive is to know one person took this task on by themselves and it’s even sweeter when you get to see the behind the scenes legwork of endless hours of grind. i introduce you to Lauren Tennenbaum of (IN)DECOROUS TASTE. it’s so amazing the leading arrows that allow us to arrive to a point – meaning, someone commented on my blog – that being, my melopuff – i checked hers and found these sexy shoes on a platter which led me to (IN)DECOROUS and her world of creation.

the tools – i’m serious – go to (IN)DECOROUS TASTE and see the step by step details of her work as she deconstructs and constructs!

still breathing? still trying to play catch up with my breaths. i’m completely obsessed with her work! these shoes are fetchingly crucial.

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  1. Lovely creations!!!

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