stefano guerrini and i

so funny how one event or time frame can spark one thing and then ignite another and then before you know, there is an astounding rippling effect and you sit back and wonder – “whoa…how did this happen?” my former professor: who is a genius, a made man, witty and always styled – Stefano Guerrini, invited myself, Melodie Duperval (of Sh3sacamill3ion’s Blog) and Juan Manuel Alvarado (tv journalist of Fashion TV)to be guests of Social Fashionista @ Social Media Week. but then it turned out, Stefano was in need of some guest speaker seats to be filled and asked Melo and i to be the fillers. Uhhhh – WOW..needless to say, i was all smiles and suprises and strickly estactic to be a part of the event. what an experience and incredible to also be surrounded by the professional fashion bloggers of the industry. the event was a look at fashion, the online media and the people who make the connection and deliver – the fashion bloggers. the best way to get to know one another – aperitivo and cocktails, and the exchange of cards, emails, conversation and laughter. also amongst the guest speakers, was none other than one of my current professors and style extraordinaire, Filippo Leone Maria Biraghi of The Flamboyant. ahhh, and this was just the beginning of the week.

melo and i

filippo leone maria biraghi

juan and melo

something feels like…it’s the beginning…

photos courtesy of flickr. go and visit webelieveinstyle and The Flamboyant

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  1. …this is a great beginning!!! keep dreaming…

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