mix and match, shoot, redo, and play, play, play until something emerges. i love finding the beauty of imperfection. not every photo has to be glossed up. i am adoring the work of Paula Parrish (you might have seen the previous post: kiss my…  )  – and her madly innovative blend of mediums – bringing texture and variant surfaces together to enhance and give an even more avant garde play to a simple photograph. although based in new york, she has a gallery in paris and from what i can see – is not afraid to get her hands a little dirty – she actually prints out her work, mounts it and reshoots it. there is undeniable intensity leaping from each of her shots and each one has me stunned. there’s just such allure in the rawmantic.

you know – i find her work, quite addictive.

photos courtesy of Trendland and Paula Parrish.

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One thought on “INTERMIX REMIXES

  1. This is fantastic stuff. Very inspiring.

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