alas, another shooting has come to a close and the results are in. previous related posts, you may remember, THE MCLAREN PRELIMIARIES and EDITORIALIZED M. MCLAREN, featured the why and what of it all, but allow me to throw in a quick recap. menswear shooting with Filippo Leone Maria Biraghi (of Flamboyant Magazine) and the subject was Malcolm Mclaren. Filippo was a wonderful guide and teacher and allowed creative freedom to rain from the heavens. thanks also to model Christopher Belotti and photographer Mauro Poltronieri. here are my shots, which came in the form of a record album (made from scratch).

front cover of ‘album’

‘album’ back

in Filippo’s words, “was completely pointless, but pointless to the point, that it made sense.” i had to smile and laugh a bit, because instinctively that is what i was aiming for – chaotic weldings of disruptive madness (a bit like the thoughts that run through my head sometimes – which is why i could identify so well…) from me to you, hope you enjoy!


and that’s a wrap! next up – womenswear…


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  1. I am truly honoured of what you wrote about the whole ‘McLaren experience’!
    Thank you dear and keep on being flamboyant!

    much love


    • ohhhh…i speak from the heart always. you certainly are one of the people who made this entire experience memorable, made it stand out, one of the ones who made us learn and encouraged our independent creative flamboyancy. thank you!

      – chaunielle

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