indeed – colored lenses – wasn’t i just speaking about finding some?

that’s right – WhatTheFunk is the word, or words right now. besides having a ridiculous shades collection, there are other vintage finds to scour through and grab. but ideally, i was drawn intimately to the shades. a vintage array of german and austrian shades. shades of every hue, shape and face. take your pick. i had to control myself – so these are the rounded up favorites. nevertheless, go to, check out WhatTheFunk and get yours!

vintage marwitz

vintage lanvin

vintage marwitz deadstock

vintage metzler

vintage alpina

normally – i would not even select such a small frame, but i really do love these vintage austrian shades…the olive hues.

vintage – i’m looking through a spider web.

vintage 3C koln optik

from the series yves chantalmarwitz
marwitz portrait shades

alrighty – so, i have given you the goods…and those weren’t even all the ones i found. take a look below to the gallery and have your pick. i’m in love with these shades. i think it’s the colored lenses, the dual and tri-tones of the frames. one can never have too many shades…

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