all eyes need to dart towards jewelry designer Martina Grasselli. she is the creator of Coliac, these astonishing and captivating jewelry pieces. perhaps what i love most, is taking the most basic of shapes, squares, triangles, and circles, and configuring them into clusters to produce this kinetic and spirited collection of jewels. these pieces go farther from just jewels, but actually take on the titles of art. gold medleys and silver lots ready to be wrapped or cuffed.

Silvia: Why did you choose Coliac as the name of your line?

Martina: Coliac is my French family name, on my mother’s side. I am involved in several projects, regarding fashion, art and design [and] I like the idea of labeling each of these projects with something connected with my story, my journey and my passions. Specifically, Coliac is the last name of my maternal grandmother, the last descendant of a noble family with French origins. She lived between the end of the 1800s and the early 1900s, a period of great elegance. The name is destined to disappear; the thought of this happening gave me the desire to keep it alive.

are you curious for more? find out what Martina Grasselli has to say with interviewer Silvia Bergomi on Dossier Journal.

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