61 rooms, 21 artists, 1,000 ideas

have you ever been able to choose your room? i mean really chose. what if, every room was different, no two alike – would you feel special, standing alone? i introduce you to Hotel Fox. one of the most unique and innovative, lifestyle design hotels i have seen thus far. there is soon to be the launch of the Volkswagen Fox and in its honor 21 international artists from the art backgrounds of graphic design, urban art and illustration have recreated Hotel Fox in central Copenhagen into their own artistic playground.

i’m turned upside down with this hotel; and not just because of the art canvases in each room, but this is a hotel that caters to you. they have a ‘young at heart’ offer – for those of us in the ages of 18-40, ‘girls night out,’ tour de fox – three different rooms in three days, and for those of us in love with sushi – they have it for you, pretty much anytime you wish.

make no mistake, whatever your flavor or taste – there is a room here for every personality. i am thrilled as well, because this will be the hotel my significant other and i will stay at come this new year’s eve. i am simply delighted!


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2 thoughts on “61 rooms, 21 artists, 1,000 ideas

  1. some are just wow.


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