i went running, first time in a long, long time. put it this way – my legs are spaghetti and tomorrow i probably won’t be able to walk straight, but it’s alright. in my running wild in the park, it’s incredible, because now my mind won’t turn off and there’s all this inspiration, reminiscing and filtering going on upstairs. could be the freedom of running, could be the special jams i have programmed on the hot pink nano, who knows. but it felt really good. here is a first piece of what went through my mind in the breeze.

way back when early this year. the milan seven blindly started a ‘magazine’ – rawmantic. in these earnest beginnings, we ventured out to a lovely and quaint place called cinque terre in route with a small red lancia and probably too much luggage (which came from me primarily), the girls – S. Brown, Melodie Duperval, Anna Sanchez Bendahan and Sophia Sarabia (Juanito – Juan Manuel Alvarado and Aurore Adriaens, or ‘B’ (from ‘livin it live’) weren’t in the weekend action, but still in our movements and thoughts). so we charged out on a weekend trip…and here it goes…(and course, had to have a video of it all…)

”Thank you for being a friend 
Traveled down the road and back again 
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant. 

And if you through a party, 
invited everyone you ever knew, 
You would see the biggest gift would be from me. And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.” – Golden Girls theme song

If memory serves me correct, the proposition of “road trip” had not even crossed my path. I suppose there were fleeting echoes heard here and there regarding travel details but something tells me I was slightly diluted in my own thoughts and I didn’t know how plausible my attendance would be. Still, I had that itching desire to just hit the road jack.

The only sure thing was the mode of transportation – the car. Departure date was Friday afternoon after class. It was Thursday and we had no where to sleep as we just happened to be traveling on the weekend everyone was getting away, leaving all places booked. It must have been fate and elements falling into place, because Thursday afternoon came with the phone call we were long awaiting but weren’t sure would arrive. Not only did we have a place to stay, but also it was rawmantic – a little bungalow for three days. Everything was further set into motion with the news of class being cancelled. Nothing left to say, it was time to make our exit to the road.

The town was quaint, sweet and a place where everybody knows your name. It was exactly the mood we were anticipating and completely illustrative for the story – Birth of Venus.

these will be the moments i will miss…heard ac/dc “if you want blood” when running and got my memories thrown back.

art director and photographer: S. Brown | fashion director: Melodie Duperval | photographer: Anna Sanchez Bendahan | model and muse: Sofia Sarabia | creative director & video: Chaunielle Brown

these will be the best memories…

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