personalized light, personalized moments. unfinished invitations into the eyes of Michael Flores. youthful and budding, his work is crisp and penetrating. his photography takes hold of you, giving you pieces, but maybe not the entire story, because showing all the cards in clear broad day would give away the beauty of the secret that these photos hold so easily away. i much enjoy the work of Michael Flores, because he shows what is real. it’s that ugly beautiful i love so much.

remember this one from a previous post, ‘pristine punk?’

take a better look at Michael Flores.

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2 thoughts on “GRITTY AND RAW

  1. Really cool post/photographs. I could see them inspiring some stories out of me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. katrina KatCreator on said:

    im super in love with ALL of your images here, im an aspiring photographer also model so these were very inspirational for me. I want to become a fashion/urban photographer. and the way the models are naturally posed in these pics are how I want to model. instead of just posing but actually living in the moment. you brought that out of all the models and everything was just perfect

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