she’s my partner in crime when it comes to running round milano madly to search for the necessaries for a shoot. this twiggy-like indian beauty is instinctive when it comes to her  styling and i’ve always been appreciative of that second eye. i have all assurance that Ms. Ria Kanal will be exactly where she wants to be in the coming future…(dubai) if you can recall, i featured her work a couple of weeks back –> ‘editorialized m.mclaren.’ Ria found her trend in color and blocks of it. maybe it’s also because i have an ongoing admiration for color…nevertheless she’s got a savvy eye. and that combined with the artistic photographic visuals of Davide Lantermoz…the two cohesively deliver a powerful shooting.

Ria Kanal

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2 thoughts on “BLOCKS OF COLOR

  1. Allison tara Dsouza on said:

    Love it….

  2. naina kanal on said:

    great..simply marvellous..this makes papa and me extremely proud..this is the fruit of GODS blessings and your hard work..

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