the last before the ultimate last. womenswear shooting course with Davide Brambilla. the objective: trends. always in my mind, i fly. so sometimes it takes a bit for me to find my feet on solid ground. but if you never fly then you never dream and can never pull back. arriving to the point i promise. i chose suitings as my trend…something i can identify with and feel knitted to. because i love a boyish rough tut strut. but i have to be honest the idea never started that way. and in this we learn to adapt to the incoming and continuous changes that can and will occur. thankfully though, with the guidance of Davide i was able to find my steps on the right.

with the beauty and faithfully acrobatic attempts by Anastasia Lapko, the abstract visuals of Davide Lantermoz, and the constructive suggestions of Davide Brambilla, i was able to see my vision through, with a kick of the heel, my head tilted to the side and a smile. but it was my muse, and long time dearest friend, Fiorella Juarez (a creative guru) who juiced me up with inspiration…

and another one bites the dust…big thanks to everyone!

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3 thoughts on “A BOYISH STRUT

  1. Allison tara Dsouza on said:

    loved it simply amazing…

  2. I hadn’t seen that! As always, amazing job!!

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