‘a crying shame’ (fitting isn’t it)

i find it quite hilarious, or not, how realizations come into form. one minute, you think you have time or sometimes are lacking inspirational direction. either way, another moment arrives and you see clocks ticking all around you. and then indeed, the deadline has arrived. contemplation about how it will all come together in the time allotted runs madly through my mind. but i always remember, i got it before and i’ll get it again. it’s time to grind. say goodbye to sleep and hello to red bull, coca cola, too many cigarettes, midnight mental madness delirium, erratic senseless chatter and creative bursts that may possibly break you and rehabilitate you. i found this illustration by Rowan Newton so fitting for what i am feeling today, yesterday and for the coming days to follow. perhaps you can ride and relate with me in this boat of hysteria.

view below some of Rowan’s work.

Rowan originated from Brixton, London with an ingenuity for drawing from the days back when he was a kid. comics, graffiti, and billboard ads fueled him and soon he developed his own distinct line drawing style. the vibrancy of his color palette is immeasurable, lending constant movement, fervent emotion, energy and relentless captivation with his splashes and sprays.

and in the end, when it’s all said and done, it will be ‘finger lickin’ good.’

see more of Rowan Newton.

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