he is the most exceptional and kind-hearted man i know. never selfish, always wise with ears to listen when i am miserable and need to cry. never judging, always accepting. i carry his same dna traits throughout, from outlook, thoughts and heart. we always laugh together and when i was around two or so, he introduced me to the celtics and bulls. he took me to school in the days of rocking my osh kosh and posing for morning pictures like i was a mini model, and picked me up after school in the grove when i thought i knew it all. we rode together and sat in traffic during the years i thought i was untouchable. he stood by me, even when i was wrong and disappointing. he is the one everyone goes to when they seek guidance. these words are just words floating about from my heart…because the beauty of what he means to me, is indescribable. he picks me up when i haven’t strength left to make the next step. incessantly encouraging and motivating, an inspirational speaker, a soul gifted by God, my other half…i am ever so thankful for my father. Happy Birthday daddy. i love you always.

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7 thoughts on “BANCROFT & BROWN

  1. Ra Carvalho on said:

    So touching , Chau! Loved your words! They made me think about my own daddy! Your father does look like and awesome man. Happy b-day for him!
    Love all around!

  2. Allison tara Dsouza on said:

    Wow…darling…Loved it….God bless all of u’lll…..And ur dad today on his special day…

  3. How sweet!!! I knew you were a very special person, full of energy and always smiling at life … and now I understand why! A great hearted girl, a future great professional! I was lucky to meet you in my classes at IED. CIAO

  4. “kind-hearted /never selfish”…that sounds familiar. You take after him ;)!

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