the enticement and overflow of one of my most obsessive thrills – vintage. a distant look to one of the most sought out designer vintage gold mines C.Madeleines’s, in my home city, miami. i unfortunately get a bit lost on the reeling excitement and news that hovers the endless party city being clear across on the other side. nevertheless…with the hyped art basel buzz and the recent ‘ecoart fashion show’ by C. Madeleine’s, i am whipped with color and devouring the fashion show shot review. intermixed retro, vibrant brazen and blazed, an entourage of compatible elements that delivered that absolute – fire.

stylist: Valerie Duardo | assisted by: Samantha Griggs, Chad Cox, and Alfred Barrera

photos courtesy of C. Madeleine’s | see the gold mine at C. Madeleine’s.

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  2. Thank you for posting this!! glad you liked the styling…was my first show!…go to blog…should be linked by here it is anyway

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