Naomi for topshop via carolinesmode.

have you seen her before. and you wonder, were you just not looking before, did your eyes pass you by? a blank canvas with unexpected elements, insightful illumination and an irresistible magnetic attraction; but not because of the obvious outward beauty she possesses, but rather the intellectual and artistic allure that erupts when reading her words or viewing her unconscious hand strokes on canvas.

Naomi for Wonderland Magazine | photographer: Vicky Trombetta (2dm) | photo courtesy of

her name is Naomi Preizler. model, artist, designer, illustrator, philosophical sage and everything you donʼt expect. a colorblind girl with unstoppable imagination, who speaks of descartes, rosa luxemburg, and george orwellʼs ʻ1984.ʼ she is real, with heart, and not a distant visualization of fashion because she sees life for its vitality and she speaks of sense and sensibility. sheʼs honest, and the more you see, the more you wish to know about this perspicacious glow that shimmers amidst the monotonous and predictable. baiting with interest, she is the flourishing fresh breath of the winter air. a kindling beauty, Naomi Preizler, tenacious and gripping, from buenos aires, shockingly just a teenager, but with her thoughts and philosophies you’d be quick to think otherwise. there is so much to this girl, from first glance you’d be foolish just to think of her as just a canvas. she is exceptional, an artist, a vision.

Do you feel that life is its own theatre stage? Which role do you play? And everyone else? Are they spectators or participators?
Yes it is, like the Improvisation task of drama school. If you try to follow a script you will fail. Life is not written. I’m just a student who enters on the sets of different people and then receives other issues and new characters onto my stage. We are all part of the play. We are all part of that system and life is a system which sometimes works as we want it to and sometimes doesn’t, and needs new pieces, new characters, new situations, to keep on working at the same speed that the world around us moves. And sometimes it stops working forever.

Do you live by any particular adage?
My father uses very often quotes from the Torah to refer to different life situations. The one that sticks with me the most is: “If I am not for myself, who will be? And when I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?” (Hillel Hazaquen, 110 CE-10 CE).

but don’t simply rely on my words, take a look at the rest of the interview i did with her on 2dm blogazine.

photographer: Vicky Trombetta

illustrations: Naomi Preizler

visit 2dm blogazine for the interview (Coco Brown) and Naomi’s blog: THE JERUT OF LUXEMBURGO.


| Coco Brown |

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