i love getting on a plane, despite the fact that i absolutely hate packing and unpacking.  to go somewhere, anywhere, to get away. my lovely significant other and i headed north for a city for which i was a virgin – copenhagen. my gosh. although i was born in brooklyn, new york, i had absolutely no recollection of snow until i found myself in these parts. i thought i saw snow in milan. i thought i saw it in montreux. no, no, no. everything was covered in white. winter white. not as cold as i had expected. don’t get me wrong – was cold. really, flippin’ cold. let’s put it this way – there was ice. lot’s of ice. i was slippin’ and slidin’ at times and had to clench my thighs tight and grip the ground to avoid bustin’ my ass.

first eatery stop: the atlas bar. deliciously delectable.

this city has an incredible feeling that runs through the air. the streets, the signs, the vintage stores, the people, the forward modern atmosphere, christiania, and…the food. my goodness. how well we ate. i am in love with copenhagen. with only four days to spare, i didn’t have too much time to overtly and properly indulge in shopping with holiday hours and such. nevermind that though, as i will be travelin’, travelin’ back to copenhagen.

studiestraede. the shopping streets. (one of)

we stayed at hotel fox (i posted about this hotel awhile back in – (61 rooms, 21 artists, 1,000 ideas). completely youthful, innovative, and smack in the right location, walking distance from practically everything. really, i could write on and on about how incredible copenhagen is…but i will let the pictures do the talking. with all the ones i took, seems like i still didn’t take enough.


in transit…

our room…

at bar 7.

i did say ice right?

new years eve. chit chat bistro.

an abundant splash of fireworks i might add, before and on striking 12. although i did not see them all…i basically got the wind knocked outta me on my way out…

the drumming soldiers…

i mean, the boats were on ice. ice. the whole thing was frozen. sorry – definite first for me!

Nyhavn…i adore.

was all about that lobster bisque at cap horn. i saw – ‘saw’ some wicked king size burgers…but twas’ just from a distance.

yea, you know it – ‘always coca cola.’

into the sun we go – for warmth yes, but to other side…christiania.

pictures were actually forbidden inside – inside…so these are on the outskirts…this is what you see when you leave. classic.

back at the hotel…the ice bar was closed…

the journey had to end. i want to live in copenhagen. it’s on the list.

visit hotel fox for more details of the room of your choice.

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