what is it to say, “‘let’s go back…let’s go back to beginning, when the DNA was pure, identifiable, when it all made sense…” taking it back, stripping away and reaching for the ‘justs’ – just the essentials. forgetting the nonsense and breaking free. when it meant the official ‘rock-a-wear’ with denim jeans, a white shirt, soft pack cigarettes, tapes for tunes, tousled hair, shades, boots and no change of clothes (because you’ll just grab it on the way) and of course and a classically aged car.

attitude, confidence, a prestige of valor coated with ark madness and unrestrained with a quick mouth. ready for anything, always standing for something, and never taking an ounce of bullshit for not a nothin.’ it’s the thelma & louise style…apply to the days of your lives and watch the preciousness of time build back its magnetic crystallized matrix. these are the women, the girls, the gals, the runners, riders, outlaws, the rugged chains of despairing desire. the bare essentials. the DNA. the truth.

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