nothing of the words spin to be real. nothing begets time like the time to heal. none of it matters and nothing is right. nothing is everything when things are broken in plain sight. nothing to remember, but everything to forget. nothing fills time like the emptiness to forget and replay regret. nothing is made right, all strength depleted and unable to fight. nothing to feel, played imagination, nothing existed to be real. nothing looks you in the eye. nothing loves, nothing hates, nothing to arise but steel wall plates. and in this way, the stains remain at bay. the stealth heartedness that brews only to construe a silent and faint heart where nothingness lies.

photo courtesy of VECTROAVE. | Jenifer Pugh in Numero

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3 thoughts on “NOTHING.

  1. loveandlivehappy on said:

    like you’re writing the book of my soul…

  2. loveandlivehappy on said:

    i’ll be back indeed!

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