the wind that blows, swinging spinning steps that sometimes give and steal your glow. swinging with the ways, swinging with the days. unexpected and dictated delays. and still you sit, still, swinging, this way and that. swinging in the darkness begging for light. swinging without breaths nor any visible solution in sight. holding on to the chains which carry you high. swing with the faint smile and gentle eyes that hang low. swing swing, swing anne. swing because what else is there to do – held in the an unstable balance wondering which path is actually true. swing and hold on, don’t let go. swing, swing till the mellow hearts release summer’s snow. swing while you sing, a song to your king…swing as you clench for more, swing while your tested and your faith endures. merry to just swing.

photo by Mishel Vermishel.

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2 thoughts on “SWING SWING.

  1. Reese Smith on said:

    such beautiful words of searching & reclaiming… i really enjoyed this!

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