i have this lovely (don’t know how healthy) addiction of purchasing online. and i think i have mentioned before that the purchase that i am most always making, is for shoes. i ordered this amazing sexy, pop, bubble brash glitter pink pumps with 6-inch heels…the bordello pumps (they were from one of my first posts – paint the streets). i bought them some time ago – but they were too big, finally have the exchange in and am so thrilled! complete sidebar – i ordered these from, which has amazing service and the best return policy!

the sweetness of sexpot bold pumps, which might i add, these are so hot to even just wear around the house…you know…washing the dishes in 6-inch glitter heels.

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4 thoughts on “CLICKIN’ MY HEELS

  1. Leah on said:

    OMG THESE ARE SO SEXY! Sorry for the caps, I just can’t get over how amazing they look on. WOW. So worth it.

  2. adrienne martin on said:

    OMG where are this from???

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