you’ve always heard of people “buying art,” seen it in the movies and so forth and we’ve all studied the arts, watched the galas and seen and experienced how incredibly powerful art is to the popular culture. if you love fashion, chances are, you love art. they all intertwine and are like branches of one another, stemming from the large author conglomerate.

so i was, one saturday weekend, skipping through the streets during my lunch break and for as much art as I see, I had to stop and stare. finally i had found pieces of art that i would scoop up in a second. but the funniest part was, asking the price = the agent of this amazing artist said, “you had to pick the most expensive one.” and i replied, “that is always my problem, and my parents have been telling me for years.”

a reintroduction for those familiar, and an introduction for those like myself. Hulbert Waldroup and his incandescent works of art, that hopefully, one day soon, i can just pick up and purchase for the lovely viewing pleasure in my humble abode. maybe it’s the musically related subjects, the grand scale of canvas, or the roughness of it that makes me smile so. whatever it may be, i couldn’t ask for more, it’s just that feeling you get, that instant attraction, and you just want it forever.

and he writes:

“every morning I open my eyes and take a long look at the world, then become angry, sad and bitter. after this long look, with tears in my eyes, sweat from my brow and the blood in my veins, i release all my love and my hate and all my emotions on the canvas. so history will see someone did care. it is not what i want to paint, it is what i have to paint. what is God’s curse to me is my gift to you.”

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One thought on “FUTURE HOBBIE

  1. Just when I thought one of the most iconic shots of Marilyn was overdone, I discover an inspiring piece of art. Thanks for posting!

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