i suppose one could say one of the blessings of working at a magazine is that when it came time to switch offices…there was a lot of what some would refer to as “junk – old stuff” left over…and luckily, we were able to choose what special pieces we wanted to take along with us and add to or create our own collection. i remember hearing the stories about how interview magazine began, how Andy Warhol himself would stand outside on the streets of nyc and give them out for free…and soon enough sold them for mere cents. well, when i came across this divine 20 year anniversary issue, november 1989, with ziggy marley on the cover – i thought two things – how incredible the illustration, and the pages, they are so old! and two – my dad would love this! and so i took what was a gift to me and gave it to him – someone who is absolutely in love with the marleys. i knew that he would hold a dear appreciation, not just for ziggy marley, but for all the other pages in between -because he was actually alive and young during this period!

when they used to have cigarette ads – model iman.

the rock and roll inspiration ads.

it is the old that is so fascinating. the old which we learn from. the old that can change the present and future and or dictate it. magazines, if you haven’t noticed, are my collector’s obsession. this i would say started in my teens but rapidly increased when i was in milan and thanks to a special Stefano Guerrini of who provided the knowledge and created a world of fascination, from magazines.

the endless beauty.

karl lagerfeld – in the photography days.

i had to share this vintage issue with you. november 1989, let’s see, i was a wee bitty one. i hope you enjoy this as much as i have. if you don’t know about Andy by now – please…get educated.

cyndi lauper.

calvin klein.

wait, wait, this is one of my favorites: bianca jagger and steve rubell (of studio 54).

lisa bonet (of the cosby’s – ‘denise’) – lenny kravitz’s ex and zoe kravitz’s mother.

grace jones. that’s all that needs to be said really.

mr. badass himself: mick jagger.

madonna and sean penn.

brooke shields.

diana vreeland. editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. her ‘why don’t you column’ one of my favorites: “Why don’t you wash your child’s hair in champagne, to make it blonder” – absolute classic originality.

lauren hutton.

absolute madness and creativity.

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