the 90s – they had their ups and their downs. but one thing was certain in those years: grunge, kurt cobain, kate moss, the heroine chic look and then there was the complete opposite realm…hip hop african american culture – loud colors, more is more, gold drowning the necks, fingers and anywhere else it could shine. sagging pants, big is better, music, and attitude of swagger. everything is always about the attitude.

that said…let’s take a lovely look at V Magazine’s first up – music issue (get it january 12th) where they pay tribute and nod off to those that led the way in music during those years. V75 bridges the gap between what we traditionally consider ‘high fashion’ and hip hop and the inherent link between the two. fashion begins in the streets, channels through the music and filters out into fashion. in any which way you examine it, they are all linked, and while in the 90s it may have been a novel attempt, now more than ever, we see hip hop and high fashion are intertwined, bonded and live and feed off of each other. photographer Sebastian Faena and stylist Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele take us on a brightened sheen of hip hop glory.

Carlyne is known for being one of the first editors to embrace hip hop culture. and for that, we must truly be thankful. that someone decided to step outside of the cookie cutter box. as she tells V, “I love girls that men want to follow in the street—glamorous, sexy, powerful. You’re born with it, it’s not something you learn. I have always been obsessed by hip-hop. L’attitude is always right.” well said sister. 

editorial features models:  Anais MaliCora EmmanuelRob EvansTravoneHill and Chrishell Stubbs

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