i remember when i was i guess about eight or nine and i went to see ‘don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead’ in theaters. funny, there are some memories, lucidly vivid…as if yesterday. i was completely enamored with christina applegate and i thought she was so damn cool. not to mention, i was in love and fascinated by the fact that, here’s this senior in highschool and somehow she managed to snag, a ‘dream job’ with a vision of a boss – Rose.

Carol Ramsey (her resume is extensive) is responsible for the head turning and edgy fashion, that, might i add – is what we are wearing today. isn’t that lovely? christina’s or let’s say, “sue ellen’s” style is to be marked, noted and admired. and not just hers, but how much i adore ‘Rose’s’ looks as well – specifically being the one when she attends the fashion show at the crandon house. and let’s not forget, sue ellen’s trio of gal pals who strutted the poolside runway. saw the movie last night, and it never gets old.

sue ellen gives sass, attitude and like a boho rock fearless edge style. i hope you’re in love as much as i. this is definitely a classic for me…and when looking back and wondering “where and when did i begin to love fashion (sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint) – i have to say, this was one of those highlighted moments that stay emblazoned in my mind and certainly had influence on my own style and my obsessions. so thank you, christina applegate for rocking out the role of sue ellen. it’s one of those ‘coming of age’ deals, yah. a classic beauty. and if you’ve never seen this movie – shame on you. go and watch it now.

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