sometimes i laugh…and sometimes i cry. the tears flow from here to there. sometimes i wonder what is it all for. sometimes all the lights go out and everything is so very dark. and sometimes, some things come along, and it’s like a flickering light, a little bit of hope in what i thought could never be. sometimes i let myself go. sometimes i hold back, because they just don’t know. sometimes i feel full. sometimes so distant and all alone. sometimes i don’t even understand myself. sometimes in the laughter, tears arrive from this unknown place. sometimes you just have to be. whether or not it makes sense to you or me. sometimes i feel like im falling. sometimes i feel like im flying. sometimes im just lost all together, and i wonder what the next day will be. sometimes i can just smile, from those little butterflies inside. those moments…those sometimes…sometimes, nothing makes sense. sometimes you feel, and you don’t know why. in this life…sometimes, is all we have. and sometimes, as she says, “i feel like throwin’ my hands up in the air…and things go wrong no matter what i do…but you’ve got the love…the love i need to see me through.”

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