it has been quite some time. and for this i do apologize. but if i can explain…this picture is an extensive explanation of what has been going on. there is more of you in your head than you can handle sometimes, and every which way, you are being tugged at, pulled, this way and that. how many places can you be at one time. how many things can you do simultaneously and still maintain a sane mental state. sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours, and not enough of you to go around. and you’re left, completely undernourished and depleted. there’s a million of me, running in my mind…anxious, frazzled, hopeful, bashful, and many times neurotic in the most creative way. you’re up, you’re down, sometimes with a smile on the outside and a frown deep down inside. and the never ending question is: when will it all make sense? so i feel, this incredible illustrator, Abbey Watkins…does it right and oh so well…with her expressive illustration. the moment i saw them…i thought, “this is exactly, how i feel.”

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  1. Perfect these drawings are amazing!

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