everything is shutdown and we are all just shut in and locked up with cabin fever tickling our veins. for some of us – like myself, it is long needed rest time. for others = madness. and what should be for all of us – is to take this sweet prison time as an opportunity to turn things out – with the Scissor Sisters and their incredibly contagious “Let’s Have a Kiki.” i must say a special thank you to my friend, Kamerin for turning me onto this one. i think it just absolutely fitting, don’t you?

favorite lines:

Oooh, she’s been a bitch tonight.
And by bitch I mean this rain; no cab, nowhere.
So I had to put on the wig, and the heels
And the lashes, and the ears, and take the train, to the club
And you know the MTA should stand for:
Motherfuckers Touching My Ass

So then I get to the club
Looking like a drowned, harassed rat
And I’m greeted, not by Miss Rose at the door
But our friend, Johnny Five-O
Yes honey, the NYPD shut down the party
So no fee for me, and I don’t even know what’s the tea!

So I hope you’re up girl
Because we are all coming over
Lock the doors, lower the blinds
Fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels
‘Cause I know exactly what we need 

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