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we must never be afraid or ashamed to try something new, to over extend ourselves beyond the designated and appropriate comfort zones. imagine all the moments missed for never leaping…taking the pre-programmed left, instead of right. strangers – aren’t we all. strangers connected, no matter how near or far…the people once strangers leaving detailed dots and marks, embossed on our hearts. blushes and gifted bashfully…for everything really is written in black and white, isn’t it…boldness, thrill, excitement, and open arms…20 strangers…never a judgement. simply ready to take a step. who knew what may come, from such a lonely tied and and yet comforting embrace and triggered beating start.  see no boundaries and no objections before you.

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i absolutely love this film by Tatia Pilieva, titled “First Kiss.” taking an extraordinary moment and lifting it to a magnetic connection amongst individuals – once strangers, now souls bound. perfectly designed in black and white, shades of grey, keeping your eyes hooked to stay…while the sweet dancing melody “We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow” by SOKO in the backdrop delicately plays. “but if you’re not ready for love…how can you be ready for life?…so let’s love fully, and let’s love loud, let’s love now.” well said.

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